About Livek

What’s important to you is important to us.

Our mandate at Livek is to provide you with the right tools for the future and match your skills in the labour market.



We can provide our services in the following languages:

  • Arabic

  • Dari

  • Somali

  • Persian

  • Pashto

  • English

  • Norwegian

  • Tigrinya

  • Amharic

  • French

  • Greek

  • Chinese


For whom?

Support and Matching is for those who are looking for work and are registered with the Employment Office. The aim is for you to begin either working or studying as soon as possible.


You need intensive and individually adapted support in your job search. You require help finding a job that matches your experience, skills and goals. You perhaps desire to become more motivated, discover your inner drive or improve your language or computer skills


You may lack the requisite education or need additional studies in order to get your dream job, or perhaps you are unsure of what you want to do. You therefore want an experienced guidance counsellor to help you choose a new career or find the right course.

You may be new to Sweden and need help with validating your work experience and/or certificates. You would appreciate an insight into cultural aspects in the workplace.


We have specialist knowledge of the following sectors:

  • Sales, Purchasing, Marketing

  • Transport

  • Hotel, Restaurant, Housekeeping

  • Healthcare

  • Social and Pedagogical Work


We have personal experience of:

  • Hiring

  • Interviewing

  • Being unemployed

  • The Importance of preparation

  • The Importance of listening

  • Being new in Sweden

  • Learning a new culture

Our facilities – Support and Matching Hisingen

We offer:

  • Support in finding and applying for work

  • Viable application documents

  • Media studio

  • Interview training

  • Computer training

  • Language training

  • Advice on careers and further studies

  • Better understanding of the labour market

  • Greater awareness of your qualities and skills

  • Motivational counselling

See Swedish version of the site to find contact information about the staff. 

Why choose Livek?

Our work is solution-focused and strength-based. That means we focus on your strengths and find unique solutions just for you! Together we will decide on activities aimed at achieving results as soon as possible and help you to formulate an individual plan and strategy for your job search. Our activities are designed to hone your existing skills or equip you with new ones, boost your self-esteem and steer you on the road to independence.


Our professional coaches and counsellors hold group seminars and workshops plus individual activities and personal counselling, where you are able to train your skills before attending an interview, establishing contact with an employer etc. Through our connections in the labour market, we also have the opportunity to introduce you personally to employers needing manpower.


In addition, we have specialist competence in what it means to be newly arrived in Sweden or to have a foreign background, as well as in giving support and guidance to those who have been outside the labour market for a while.


How do you sign up for Livek?

Does what we offer sound interesting?

If YES, go to https://arbetsformedlingen.se/ and ask to be registered with Livek. State our KA number 10034722.


We look forward to welcoming you!