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Support and Matching is for those who are looking for work and are registered with the Employment Office. The aim is for you to begin either working or studying as soon as possible.


You need intensive and individually adapted support in your job search. You require help finding a job that matches your experience, skills and goals. You perhaps desire to become more motivated, discover your inner drive or improve your language or computer skills


You may lack the requisite education or need additional studies in order to get your dream job, or perhaps you are unsure of what you want to do. You therefore want an experienced guidance counsellor to help you choose a new career or find the right course.

We offer:

Support in finding and applying for work

We provide you with practical help and support on your way to finding work and adapt our services according to your needs. This support can be both tools for your job search (se below) and help in establishing contact with employers. For example, we can assist you with finding some form of job training where you can gain work experience while learning new skills.

Viable application documents

Your CV is one of your most important tools when applying for a job. It is a categorical description of who you are, what you have studied, your work experience and any other activities in your life that can be relevant to an employer.

In a Cover Letter you explain on a more personal level why you are applying for a specific job; why you are suitable and what you can contribute.

Our dedicated staff will help you create well-formulated, viable application documents that increase your chances of acquiring a job.

Interview training

There is a lot to think about before attending a job interview. Finding and acquiring the right job requires thorough preparation. One important and exciting activity is to train for a job interview. The more you practise with us the more confident you will be at the actual interview.

Computer training

Computing is an essential skill in today’s workplace. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a computer, we will teach you the basics such as how to write, save and send documents, upload pictures, navigate important websites etc. We can also show you how to send in your monthly reports to Arbetsförmedlingen and Försäkringskassan.

Language training

The better your Swedish, the better your chances of finding work. Our language instructor offers you amongst other things, the chance to practise answering interview questions, to learn new vocabulary associated with the job you are interested in, to understand the terminology of job advertisements and to write letters in good Swedish (or English if required).

Advice on careers and further studies

Are you interested in studying, or looking for a new career, but don’t exactly know what? Livek’s competent guidance counsellor and coaches provide practical help and advice in finding and applying for a course of further education that matches your own needs, goals and visions. 

Better understanding of the labour market

What jobs are out there, and what is the way to acquire them? Understanding the labour market increases your chances of choosing the right path to a career. Our diverse team has in-depth knowledge of the Swedish labour market and educational system.

Greater awareness of your qualities and skills

Gaining a greater awareness of what your knowledge, skills and strengths are enables us to coach you towards acquiring a job that would suit you. We help you to identify your greatest strengths and skills which we can then use as an aid when matching you with potential employers.

Motivational counselling

Sometimes you are in a rut and it is hard to see how you can alter your circumstances, or indeed, why you should. At other times you may feel low, stressed out or lacking in self-confidence. Perhaps you simply have not yet found out what drives you. Our certified job coaches can help you understand yourself better: help you to discover the inner you and the myriad of possibilities that exist both within you and out there in the wider world.

Media studio

Many employers today prefer film to paper. And almost everyone wants to see who you are. Come and take a professional CV photo in our media studio. Or why not make a creative and compelling video CV!

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